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7 Critics opposed child labor and mill owners were often of a divided mind on the subject, but children remained an integral part of the labor force. Due to the cramped quarters, it was necessary to hire children and some women to work the gins. Jackson later complained that sportswriters described him as "an ignorant cotton-mill boy with nothing but lint where my brains ought to be" -- on the evidence of this scheme, they were right. Operates a self-acting spinning mule, patented by Richard Roberts, which could be operated by semi-skilled personnel. cotton on definition: 1. to begin to understand a situation or fact: 2. to begin to understand a situation or fact: . Considered one of the worst jobs in the mill – very low status! While some made fortunes from the cotton factories, those who worked in them had no union protection against excessive work, dangerous conditions and low pay – … Steps in Milling Cotton. Historically: How to Site a Mill . We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word cotton mill will help you to finish your crossword today. DYER. Definition of cotton mill in the Dictionary. The cotton mill was completed in the early 1830s. Mill definition is - a building provided with machinery for processing and especially for grinding grain into flour. Learn more. A Pittsburgh miller named E.F. Faber built a 113-spindle spinning jack and three looms for Lenoir's mill in 1831. Henry Ford Grist Mill at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Massachusetts New mill construction in 1926 by the Fitz Water Wheel Company, Hanover, Pennsylvania. Information and translations of cotton mill in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Sometimes called "Monday morning asthma" given that patients improve when away from work over the weekend. When the mill’s raw cotton supplies became more valuable than the finished cloth they produced, the mills sold off all their supplies and temporarily shut down. Dictionary and Thesaurus: WordWeb. Cotton, one of the world’s leading agricultural crops, is plentiful and economically produced, making cotton products relatively inexpensive. MILL SITE. A mill seat is a suitable place for a water mill. Historically: How to Site a Mill by Theodore R. Hazen. In Manchester alone, the number of cotton mills rose dramatically in a very short space of time: from 2 in 1790 to 66 in 1821. The share of mill sector in cotton cloth production came down from 80.69 per cent in 1950-51 to only 5.37 per cent in 2003-04. Definitions of cotton mill: . COTTON MILL 'COTTON MILL' is a 10 letter phrase starting with C and ending with L Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for COTTON MILL. cotton mill Definition, Meaning of cotton mill on Portuguese Dictionary Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the mallow family Malvaceae.The fiber is almost pure cellulose.Under natural conditions, the cotton bolls will increase the dispersal of the seeds. textile mill: 1 n a factory for making textiles Types: cotton mill a textile mill for making cotton textiles Type of: factory , manufactory , manufacturing plant , mill a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing How does a cotton T-shirt go from a fluffy little ball of cotton full of seeds to the shirt on your back? Cotton, seed-hair fiber of several species of plants of the genus Gossypium, belonging to the hibiscus, or mallow, family. One-tenth of one cent, or $0.001. The mill sector played a dominant role in cotton textile industry at the initial stage. When the mills opened back up after the Civil War, some of the mill girls returned to work in the factories but the majority of the women had moved on to other jobs and were no longer interested in working in the mills. Atlas » Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps. Define cotton mill by Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, Legal … Meaning of cotton mill. mill. See more. The first American cotton mill began operation on December 20, 1790. FETTLER. operated a machine used to twist together strands of fibre (cotton, wool etc) DRAWBOY. Nearest. A large part of the process happens in a cotton mill. employed in the textile mills to colour fabric prior to weaving. What does cotton mill mean? Skip to definition. Report an error; Missing word/sense; ... Encyclopedia: Cotton mill. Cotton gins were placed dangerously close to each other in these mills. WordWeb Online. After cotton is grown and picked (for more information on picking cotton, see Cotton Harvesting), it is shipped to a mill. cotton-mill fever: ( bis'i-nō'sis ), Obstructive airway disease in people who work with unprocessed cotton, flax, or hemp; caused by reaction to material in the dust and thought to include endotoxin from bacterial contamination.

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