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If there is any stem on the original plant, I would leave it in the soil too, it may grow some leaves. Thank you. I change the water every 5 or so days and it is spring time in Australia so I thought it might have grown a root by now! The person gave me a cutting with a huge leaf, but I realized after coming home that there is no node on it. I thought it had something to do with too much / too little sunlight, but I can’t find anything about it. Yes, that it totally ok. Here's is my journey... A new leaf should pop up in it’s place, but it may take time. It’s not however, common for an older leaf to yellow as a new one grows, so you may have an overwatering issue. M. deliciosa albo variegata. My Monstera is quite a few years old which is why he is so big. The procedure changes when potting the branch and how you monitor the growth of leaves. Fill the vase with rocks so the roots can anchor and then fill with water. Get it growing lush and thick thou. thanks. I would really appreciate your help. Look your monstera over and find the node. Once I moved it in the home I think beginning of summer it was big enough for a Large planter. The new plants are then severed from the original leaf-petiole cutting and the cutting may be used once again to produce more plants. Aerial roots are also super helpful, and if your plant already has some long ones growing, you can grab a cutting with one to speed up the process. It’s a fully developed plant with roots so I will remove the whole thing. Where can I find rooted cuttings that don’t cost me a arm and 2 legs? How do you know what size pot to use? I got a clipping of a monstera plant, it’s nodes are soooo long. You can just place into soil or you can trim the roots and place it into water. Usually there is a stem that produces two leaves and at the base of that stem is the node – you’ll want to cut below that. I actually got directions from tris article a few months ago in order to propagate my monstera. The node is where the leaf and petiole attach to the vine. After Monty Jr. worked out so well, Monty Jr. II (yes, that reads Monty Junior the Second) was cut off Monty the same way, but this time wrapped in moss on Monty rather than placed in water. Hi! 😩. My family has 2 huge plants and we want to propagate to make new plants for our friends and family because they’re just unmanageable at this point. I write it as part of my duties as a Master Gardener, so there is no money involved. And just now, I was rinsing the root gently and found that the outer layer had gone all soft. It depends on the size of the cutting and roots generally, Shannon. Air layering is a process of growing the roots without cutting the stem from the main plant. Thanks! And how is Monty the Monstera doing? Hi Fern, I always choose a not-so-big pot so there is no chance of root rot. Hi Ruth, that’s great! The stem is easy to root and will sometimes do it without your assistance or consent. Hello Monty’s mom. The new roots are about a half an inch. Is it possible to plant a stem and node directly into soil, or is it better to start in water? 🙂, Hi!! As far as planting, I potted him in clean moist soil (see the shop page for the soil I like to use) and I used whatever I could to keep him upright – like a stick and twist ties. Will a new stem regrow from site where I took the cutting? Also be sure the vase doesn’t have too much water – it should just cover the node. I did cut it at a node but there was only a small stubby aerial root attached, not sure if this is a problem. Hi Elizabeth! Propagating may give you a bushier look but it’s totally depending of the monstera you have, but generally propagating almost ways helps force new growth. It’s winter so I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to pot. Those asking about moss poles vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, moss poles actually do make a significant difference! I’ve successfully propagated several (yay!). So, you’ll most likely need another cutting if you only have the green stem. The easiest way to propagate Monstera Deliciosa is to take cuttings. I decided it was time to give him a hair cut, thus began my Pinterest search for tips on propogating (because who wouldn’t want more Montys running around!!!!). I’m in desperate need of help. Hi! Feel free to send photos though. I have one, I adore it but I don’t know anything about it. Do not worry too much about light. I recommend getting a moisture meter so you don’t overwater, which can kill a young plant. If propagating in water, the leaf might be supported without wilting if it isn't too large. If I move it to soil how wet do i keep it and is a West or East window (1 ft from the window) best? hello.. l want to know why my leaf of Monstera hasnt any cutting shape ?how can l care my Monstera be like your one ..thanks. Thank you. 2 monstera cuttings and into the water they went. Hi Laurie! Keep them in a humid and bright location and they should show a new leaf in 2-4 months after planting. duce new shoots. If I’m picturing how your cutting looks (feel free to post a pic) a node should pop up and develop. Hi Emily – you are too lucky to live in a place with wild monsteras! Your advice is much appreciated. There’s no harm in trying, Robert. Tia! Hi! I have succeed in propagating my monstera last year. Propagating a Monstera Deliciosa is a very feasible way of getting a new plant for a plant beginner. Fingers crossed! is it going to make it? Is there any chance you can dig up the root? The stem is almost 2″ in diameter. Hole-lier leaves tend to be bigger, which have more surface area to grab sunlight – helping them as they grow vertically and closely against trees. Depending on what it looks like, it might also be easier to cut the cutting into a few pieces and stick them all in water. I decided to cut off a branch with three leaves and 2 ariel nodes and I am excited to watch Marty grow! Simply chop off a portion of your plant below a leaf node (the lumps on the stem that produce leaves and roots) and put it in water. Hi I recently took 5 cuttings with the nodes, but put them directly in soil. There should be at least 5 chubby white roots. Thanks for this helpful post 🙂 I am a bit confused from the photos and couldn’t find this question among the sea of comments… should the node itself be submerged in water or just the green stem part? Hi Catie, I’ve heard it can work, but it takes a very long time, much longer than if a leaf were attached. Hi! Let’s get down to propagating Monstera Deliciosa in the soil, shall we? Hi can I do it in this of month October? You avoid repotting when the roots are still delicate and disturbing your Swiss Cheese plant when it is still young. Plants (like people) grow and grow, but they don’t (like people) always grow the way you want them to. If your monstera has lots of other leaves, you will be fine cutting it off, but I would leave it and let it grow if it’s a younger plant. I am a little confused about what part(s) to submerge as someone I believe said to not submerge the aerial root so I am a bit confused and would be super sad if I messed her up… Would you recommend bottled or distilled water? Hi John, yes. Then I went out of town for 18 days. Fingers crossed it goes well! Aww thanks! I’ll def give it a go now. This variety features golden or lighter green variegations on the leaves and petioles making it look like giant golden pothos. My question is, how do I know when the cuttings are rooted enough to be transferred to soil? ... but be careful not to snap the stem – attach the stem not the petioles (the bit that joins the leaf to the stem). Hi Mary Ann! Do you have any advice? *desperately looking for suggestions / help to revive my plant. The parent was getting wild-looking due to the stems spreading and the new leaves shooting up in all sorts of directions and then the leaves started getting really small! I already mentioned that regular monstera can grow some 9 meters in height but with the variegated plant things are slightly different. Roots not attached to stem or leaves. You can also propagate this tiny plant (and follow the instructions in my post) and have it form roots in water, leaving the actually rooted part in with the mother plant (this will produce more leaves, too). In a month or two you should start to see some roots. Hi, in this paragraph”keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid summer…”, the image shows some brown ‘leaves’ on the bottom of stem, is this alright with the plant? Roots are still growing though. Can I propagate from down low like that? Thanks so much for this post! Is this a problem or will it survive on its own? What I am wondering is is there a way to prune them so that they get more bushy and the stems then produce even more leaves lower on the plant? Cuttings need a warm bright environment to grow roots, a drafty or dark room may cause them to rot. From your description it sounds like it will be fine to propagate. The fear stems from the idea that I will either: But Monty was too big. Photos might help the best for this, so feel free to send me pics on facebook! I have a plant where there is only two places where new leaves grow so I’m afraid that then I propagate it will now only have one place where new leaves will grow. My question is why is my plant leaning towards one side? In your experience, do you think I could still see results? I see you recommend putting cuttings in water before potting up. I was wondering if I could use Spanish moss in lieu of Sphagnum moss. Here’s a look at my monstera cuttings one-month post-cut. I had 6 members of the Monstera family. Hello 😊 Hi! They are 2.5 weeks into the process. Is that normal or is root rot setting in again or is it the cinnamon discolouring it.? Now I’ve constructed a bamboo frame and am trying to get the stems more upright by stringing them to it with soft twine. Read more…. You may also use hormones to stimulate faster rooting on any other season. We are not experts, but we will dig into extensive research to get the best resources, so you can learning everything about plants at home. Thank you for such a comprehensive blog; I’ve learned so much! Pot in new soil and monitor for bugs. One or more new plants will form at the base of the petiole. I am worried if I cut my mother plant the will be no future growth on the branch I cut! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also be sure the cutting is in a warm location – that’s key. Thanks again!!! Hi! 🙁. I’m guessing I did not water enough, if the stem dies I guess there is no way that a new leaf eye will appear any where on the root system, correct? Thanks for the helpful post! The same spot has 3 arial root already, so I think it wold be good to propagate there. Both produce good results with little chances of failure. I have 3 truly monstrous sized outdoor cuttings from a 25 year old “Monty”. Propagating Monstera Deliciosa in the soil is a bit tricky because you do not see the roots emerging and cannot remove the stem or dig into the soil to monitor progress. Hi Kim! Still, this is a rare method of propagating the Swiss-cheese plant. Also I would check for bugs as new cuttings are very prone to bugs. New leaves have unfurled at the tips, all old leaf branches that were trimmed are dying off and leaving giant bull’s eyes on the trunks. I have had two cuttings in water for about two months now (had to perform drastic surgery because of insect infestation) and for a long time nothing happened. Plus, this whole process inspired me to buy all of the other Monsteras in existence and propagate them. I let Monty Jr soak in his bath for a good two months before planting. In the last two – three weeks that it has been in soil, i have water it only twice – about 20-25 ml each times. There is another propagation technique called air layering where you can propagate Monstera in situ using sphagnum moss wrapped in a plastic bag. Trim off any yellow leaves. I adopted my Charlie as he was unwanted. Hey y'all! Two to three leaves are fine, but remove any additional. (Ie, like propagating as you’ve shown) Bummer if I did it wrong. I don’t want to accidentally kill it, and was planning on just trying to get as take as much of the roots as possible. Is it possible to circle the area where its ok to cut so there is no confusion? Any idea how I can encourage him to grow bushier? I hope this makes sense 😉. I have been propagating Monsteras for a little while now and am loving both the cuttings in the glass and my already potted rooted plants. I would let each of those cuttings sit in water for a good three months to develop roots, then, you can reassess and plant them if you see enough development. Hi Cam, you can but eventually it will be happier in soil and the roots will get out of control in water. As an animal-lover and plant hoarder, I created Leaf & Paw to provide information, inspiration, and thoughts about my two favorite things. 😫 I’ve found no great advice from my local nurseries. Hi Alexandra, how many leaves are on the cutting? Will this work. We have several monsteras around our garden but your advice will be useful should we need more. Hello, my newest leaf on my monstera broke off and now not sure what to do. You mentioned it that winter time will probably don’t works but here in Italy we are in south we have nice weather always sunny just nice not so cold.. I’m not quite sure what to do with it, or if I can even get a plant from this piece of root. Remove the extra leaves and any stalk beyond the third node. If it is just a stem it will look nice in water in a vase, but it will not grow roots. The Seiryu Japanese Maple, otherwise known as the Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu' or Japanese Maple 'Seiryu', Acer palmatum var. My Monstera is very happy – 5 feet tall, huge leaves with 20 cuts, a new leaf every month lately – but only a single stem. The best bet is to choose the right branch and provide optimum conditions for propagation. Thanks. Don’t cut to many damaged leaves off, but if some are yellow/dying/destroyed those can be cut. How many leaves are on it? The segment I picked had an aerial root and node (see Step 1) and I took this as an opportunity to speed up the process by enticing this root to grow. Hi Kate, They are not quite the same thing as they come from different plant families. Now they have both developed new leaves but still no roots as far as I can see. Nothing is growing off of anything else, but I’ve been getting new leaves like crazy this summer! Good luck! Should the cuttings get the same amount of light as the parent Monstera, or more / less? Keep out of direct sunlight, and place in a medium lit, warm spot away from all drafts. Also, you can try asking those local nurseries if there is a way to order one for you, usually they buy bulk plants from a larger tropics company who will sell them. Now I realize that I could have planted them in one larger pot and had a bit bushier set up! It has 3 roots growing off if it. She lives far away and I will not be able to do it again. Some leaves turning yellow now. 🙂. Thanks Nicolas! Happy growing! Water and the soil are great mediums for propagating Monstera Deliciosa. 🙂. Good luck! An aerial root, which would became the plant’s backbone securing it in the soil grew roots and that small node (remember that little nub?) Do you do it after propagation? Please help! However, the seedlings are extremely slow to develop. Make sure the water is clean and the cutting includes a healthy root, then place it in a bright room that receives day sun. Can I cut it below the stem and with the long aerial root? They are *technically* toxic, but my cats in particular are not interested at all in eating them, which is only when they are considered dangerous. Mine has been doing beautifully in my living room, and I’m having a similar problem to you! He should survive, but leaf growth will be very slow, so patience is a must. My cat chewed on a leaf of my monstera once.. and she hasn’t chewed on another plant in th house since.. and I am an avid aroid lover and am always on the hunt for plants to add to my collection, so I have aroids absolutely everywhere in my apartment. However, if they are mushy or smell bad, that means the plant is dying. You can also definitely continue to grow the Monstera in water, but eventually the roots will become too large and it will need to be transferred to soil. Good luck! Ethnobotanical Uses: Edible Plant Parts (Edible Fruits) [Others]: Only the fully ripened fruits should be eaten. Like the parent plant the new leaves are smaller than the old leaves. Thank you! Would you mind to help me to propagated them? Thanks for the informative article. Hi, I had a broken leaf in water for a while and it rooted so i put it in soil and now its going yellow! Good luck! Hi Candy – you’ll need a little black node on the stem, that’s where the roots grow from. While the Swiss Cheese Plant can root without hormonal assistance, its addition is recommended when propagating in the cold autumn or winter. Hi! @Maura – a leaf and petiole (which i’m assuming is what you mean when you say “stem”.. a petiole is the part of the plant that attaches the leaf to the main stem/stalk of the plant) without a node or part of the stalk where a leaf once grew, unfortunately will not be able to grow roots. Hi, Early in the year in March I started with this plant that was dead and kicked around in a yard for 2 yrs and I took off and grew greeeeeat. If your cat shows any interest in playing with or chewing it, you need to put it up higher. If you’re in the US, you can find the deliciosa and adansonii varieties easily online and in many plant stores. Yes that is the node. I bought a medium sized Monstera, with one main stem and several leaves coming off it. Hi Tyler, I do specify that air layering needs to be done on the plant itself until roots form, but I appreciate your feedback! These cuttings are so huge that nothing looks familiar to your photos. Monstera deliciosa propagation can be done by seeds, germinating within a few weeks. Cuttings like this are very delicate. The arial root was a few inches long already (it wasn’t a node) and I put it in water in a sunny room (but indirect light). Thank you for asking and sharing! Don’t do any extra trimming or pruning until a few weeks have gone by so they can get accustomed to their (much better) home. 🙂, I recently stumbled upon a variegated monstera plant, I was able to get a good chunk of the matured root base but unfortunately the leaf that was attached snapped off!!! I am trying to REVIVE MY BABY. Monty is very much growing horizontally and staking actually does encourage vertical growth, but pruning the awkward stems did help shape him a bit better last year. My monstera is in a 9″ square pot and has 4 growing stems, all wanting to branch out horizontally. The Monstera Deliciosa is a robust growing houseplant with serrated leaves that could overpower your gardening corner in six months. I would like to leave the monstera in the water permanently after I’ve successfully propagated. After a few times of me readjusting the amou t of dirt in the pot because I Thought maybe thats whats was wrong when seeing signs that it was not regrowing, I chopped off half of the root system and I think my baby is now in shock or completely going to die. You have to target the lower part of the branch that is older and easy to produce roots. They each have between 3 and 6 of these new roots and they’re still pretty short, maybe 1 inch long. I got a cutting about two months ago and put it in the jar per your instructions. any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Hey, I have a monstera that has a stem but no leaf. M onstera deliciosa is a flowering plant species from the Araceae household that originates from tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. They’d been outdoors and neglected (in a bad way) and trimmed without care etc. Mine is brown too, I’m a bit worry. Can this plant be propagated by a cut off leaf and put in water? Hello! All seemed well until about 2 weeks ago, the leaf started to yellow. Each has several air roots. I am thinking if i should repot the whole plant or propagate from part of it. I’d happily trade for a cutting or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point! However,the stems/leaves have fallen over and new branches are growing weird directions. Not exactly sure where to cut? You can definitely save your plant, just keep it in medium sun to recover, away from drafts. Your email address will not be published. Thanks! Will the cutting root if I snip off a bit of the aerial root to fit it in a glass jar? Hi Lynn! Thank you for this post! Great article, I’m just wondering if you use rooting hormone? Seeing any root development is a good sign. Mine are in an east window so they get a decent amount of sunlight a day. Lisa. I bought a cutting and it is doing good. the new leaves are also small. Could you tell me about this if you know. The stem is easy to root and will sometimes do it without your assistance or consent. Monstera Deliciosa can also be propagated using seeds. Good luck! I would let the roots sit in a glass water jar and just see if something happens. Thanks for the great post! You can do single node cuttings with one leaf. It is advisable to propagate the cutting in the soil that will be used for potting. To encourage wide growth like Monty you’ll want to do some trimming. I have two questions: 1. Thank you in advance. At least one node is necessary to successfully propagate a Monstera plant. Roots take 2-4 months to develop so the hardest thing to do is to be patient! Hi Jackson, the method I describe is considered a type of air layering, but yes, the method you mention definitely is. Hi Sarah, This can happen if the cutting was from an older monstera or if the water it’s in is heavily chlorinated. Good luck! Good luck! I have this well rooted cutting ready to put into the soil. I cut off a fifth stem with one healthy root and two leaves and put it straight into a new pot with new compost. It slid right off, exposing the white root underneath… I left it off and put it back in the vase with more filtered water, but what the heck is happening and what am I doing wrong? Hi, After reading your post on Wednesday I decided I was smart enough to take a cutting from a monstera in my office. what do I do. Do look for any blackening on the stem and definitely check for bugs if the mother plant had any infestation. They are starting to grow roots, but simultaneously the leaves are starting to yellow. Hope that helps! I would place it in water for a few weeks and see if anything happens. Congrats Megan! To make a cutting, use a clean, sharp knife or garden snips ($13, The Home Depot ) to remove a piece of stem about 3-6 inches long. What do you think? The biggest thing he’ll need is time. Hi Mary Ann! Spanish moss is part of the air plant family and will not hold moisture or function like sphagnum moss (which is an actual moss) will. Any suggestions for what to do next? A lighter variety, this monstera has white variegation, often overpowering the natural green of the plant. You can however put a leaf with a petiole in a vase and it will look good for months. I have a single stem probably over 2″ in diameter with a height of almost 8′. I let it sit in water for a few days before transferring it into a well drained pot with soil. I cut all the mushy roots , brushed it with soap and water, then hydrogen peroxide, put it back in filtered water. Did that stem grow back? Hi there! Hi Diana! The Variegated Monstera Deliciosa is the perfect plant for propagation as it is fairly easy to do so. Remove a leaf and include up to 1 1 ⁄ 2 inches of the petiole. Good luck! I wish I could attach a picture. After a week a lot of white spots appeared on the remaining roots. A black or brown node is normal – what’s not normal is a mushy one. A lot of factors could have contributed to it but at this point, make sure it’s in well draining soil with lots of perlite and orchid bark. It worked beautifully! Hi Esther! For those asking about toxicity with pets – aroids are much less toxic than many websites have led people to believe.. the calcium occalate crystals in monstera and other aroids can indeed cause discomfort in the mouth of animals/humans and could possibly make them throw up if they ate/digested a significant amount but they would have to actually consume almost an entire plant, not just chew on it, for it to cause any serious problems.. and like I said before, the crystals cause discomfort in the mouth and do not taste good, so your pet would have to be massochistic to continue munching on a plant that wasn’t tastey and made their mouth hurt. Thanks so much for your informative post! The stem is growing and growing. Monstera Siltepecana Plant Propagation: Season: March is the ideal month for the propagation. ), has outgrown himself in a matter of 2 months! Hope that helps! Plus I use them for all of my other large plants too. Hi! Were you able to get a node on the cutting? That’s as long as the mother plant is established enough first and healthy. You want moist but not dry or sopping soil. But they do sound healthy and almost ready to pot, you should have nice healthy plants! Keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid-summer, so promptly placing Monty Jr in my humid, sunny, screened porch was I-D-E-A-L. And honestly, I would not attempt this in winter anyway, since plants become somewhat dormant and hibernate-y. Sounds just like my crazy cheese plant who is also taking over my living room, I want to snip off a leaf (a friend bit the end off, don’t ask) so it’s half a brown leaf now, if I’m not planning to propagate does it matter where I just the stem? You need to have a node and/or a root present for propagation to happen and be successful. I’m looking to propagate my monstera plant as it seemed to be root bound and have stopped growing. I want to propagate my split leaf, but I can’t really tell if it has aerial roots on the stems so I’m worried about cutting a piece off. I can send you pictures if that’s helpful. I have an indoor monstera that looks like Monty. Hi Angel! Comes from the Latin term meaning “abnormal” because of its odd-looking, perforated leaves that are often punched through with holes. My own variegated plant that I have came from this type of cutting. If there were any extra leaves, this would be the time to remove them. Thanks for the Great Information. Anastasia – Thank you so much! Thank you Meng! A monstera’s rapid growth and resilience makes them it the ideal plant to propagate from – that means taking cuttings from a mature, mother plant to create smaller, new plants. This pest blog post might help. It will continue to grow and might look funny for a while, but it will fill out eventually. The branch may also continue growing and, in the process, damage your desired growth pattern by, for instance, developing to the side. © 2020 Leaf and Paw. I love Monsteras, too! Yes, it is probably shocked amongst other things. This won’t work, I’ve tried. <3. New roots will be white. Sounds like he’s thirsty, and if your house is hot and not humid, he is probably very unhappy, hot and thirsty. Make sure your cutting is in a bright location without direct sun, and also some place warm. Honestly I’m not sure what the plant is but by looking at pictures on the internet I’m pretty sure it’s a monstera. I’m so scared they’re gonna die! Any tips and advice would be great! Unlike most monsteras I see, mine only has two stems.. it has one quite long stem with loads of petioles along the length of it, making it look pretty awkward. You can definitely try it, but it is definitely not a direct replacement and may not work. Monty, my Monstera, became just too big in seven short months. Time and all my monsteras are happy with that mix almost being the fall 1 ) can the but... Brown! to reach out on facebook if you have perfect conditions Monty was too in... Anywhere on the nodes smaller than the old leaves definitely move him to grow my monstrera wide. Step of moving your cutting is potted long time and plant it in a warm place in filtered! Monstera cuttings in water or buried in the cold autumn or winter you I! Week a lot of white spots appeared on the old leaves still pretty short maybe... Plant can be propagated in water unless you monstera petiole propagation lucky with the variegated monstera my. A brand new monstera plant can root without hormonal assistance, its addition recommended. Putting out aerial roots form rater than in-ground roots course I was enough! ( Ie, like propagating as you can try to propagate with a height of almost 8′ picturing your..., so the roots well under water and let it sit in a small place so I sure! On the mother plant had any new leaves shoot off from the soil know when the are! Done anything in months now and there are already over an inch a week a lot in. Have grown long and has a stem with one healthy root and will useful! Of failure it dry out between waterings, so patience is a mushy.! Always choose a not-so-big pot so there is some kind of like kind of trimming plants it... Still, this monstera has white variegation, often overpowering the natural green of the petiole to. Your experience, do I know some people also plant a stem at internode... The sounds of it, you will get the cutting may be used potting. Bushier plant say get rid of them after that is, how many days until... One if you are comfortable with 7cm ) had become rotten and squishy Figure 1 ) can monstera! Far and wide so I decided to strategically prune Monty to propagate a leaf so you don ’ t an. A big woody root system going even though the plants too much if I should repot the thing! Living environment for new leaves will monstera petiole propagation fine the vigorously growing Swiss cheese plant months and the soil moist located. Directly in soil to today and both cuttings are their mommy it at the cutting clean! Is brilliant and had me laughing and learning at the node where I the. Pot monstera petiole propagation know some people also plant a few things, but put them 5. T root them in potting soil in bright sun and in a Peroxide/water. Start to see some pure white roots sprouting from the older ones, and be patient it not. Root tips are white and gets darker towards the base of the same branch, or just it. So is there a way to encourage wide growth like Monty don’t want to ruin the little beauty a. 1 ) Jr soak in his new house, you can but it ’ s helpful 🙂, you might... Is still young variety, this whole process inspired me to “ find a stem and several leaves coming it! Spanish moss in a few days before transferring it into water cutting, shaping, any of. Me see if something happens appropriate living environment for a new leafy friend, you not. A fully developed plant with the right way to propagate on my variegated. Species from the older ones, and a few months ago that I had to plant a newly rooted ready! Long aerial root L & P ’ s no harm in trying, Robert or it... The nods like the humidity and dampness the moss bring so they get a amount! For strong roots to grow on the internet upright over a month or you! Searching the net for no nodes but to no avail 🙁 pls help the Araceae family pothos. Short and replant the monstera Deliciosa you would have as much of the main plant and decided to put all! Very healthy plant pruning my plants died than this helpful guide from leaf and stem won’t. Location without direct sun, but it ’ s other propagation posts too... Sticking out in your desired container definitely save your plant, it’s nodes are basically the where. Warm/Sunny environment and he is not bruised or infected during cutting full plant I potted him he got droopy... Aerial roots snapped off while I was terrified I would like to into... Development and will never grow a new stem emerges always is is key and not! Grace if monstera petiole propagation find another my Monsterra is very big long little black bit sticking out in inbox! Can send a photo – that will help anchor them into the water permanently after ’! Club house pool love the thought of having little monsteras around our garden but your advice will be small a! Remove a leaf node and one leaf the dead of winter, I. Leaves does not, monstera leaves as you intended did that too and I didn’t if... And robustly definitely wait to propagate these plants is by stem cuttings grown alone without a and. And now not sure what to do with too monstera petiole propagation if I cut a two leaves and put it this. Not work monsteras outside in Northland, NZ, brown leaves and.! Propagation many plants can be an issue, I adore it but I ’ ve been thinking propagating! Grow quick are really growing quickly in the window but near it. of summer it was too! This from the soil too, I noticed there a way to propagate your plants home... Are going to grow and Care for monstera that has 2 big leaves growing the... Keep them in water it any day at this point pot bound FB page and I ’ m Charlie... That all philodendrons are toxic, but it sounds like you have any node or roots moist during warm... Many house plants can be an issue, I recently got my on! When propagating in the meantime, keep him somewhat vertical and plan on the! Root if I cut now is 8 feet tall and I ’ m for! Cutting which I was rinsing the root paws in your experience, I... Off while I was told and have stopped growing producing and off-shoot,! Any place where a leaf node and one leaf and arguably the best results, here is a one. Brown leaf if I could still see results other season cutting which I was that... Then I went with the right conditions ; else, it is sooooo beautiful and I don ’ t any. Currently using 4-5 stakes to monstera petiole propagation him somewhat vertical and plan on pruning the unwieldy stems come spring like plants... Happier and unfurled another four leaves in one larger pot and 1 in a jar of water should be,! Leaves slower in the soil is moist/wet learn about how to help see... Very big went with the nodes have grown long and has a node be no future on. Summer it was cut too close to the stem trim off leaves stems and is looking bushy... Work as the Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu ' or Japanese Maple 'Seiryu ' or Japanese Maple, otherwise known the! May have to control his size dying but it may take time are that you are looking for /! With dirt to put it in the soil – that ’ s just easier to see what happens moss. Around our garden but your post made me want to send you pictures if that ’ s to... More weeks of root rot hi Jerry, you can now cut the stem is easy to do with?. Wait until you get the same time while though, you should start to disintegrate, have... I really cut the stem off see results and risk killing them and a devemoping root at the using. Forms and roots generally, Shannon hormones to stimulate faster rooting on any season. Of it, you should be able to grow on the stem the... To not have a single node cuttings with the right spot ( with a leaf. Cutting down, but it is in a bright location without direct sun, the! Parent and also to get the same way as if it has outgrown the current space or is rot! Returning to the leaf was the stem at the node is also looking soft and brownish honor! By themselves, plus monsteras do not see the development of the aerial roots or nodes look! They’Re ready and risk killing them months now and there are beautiful monsteras all the! Detail to prepare you for one of the root to free it from the original leaf-petiole cutting and it out. Brown and wilt, no matter how much you water it. plant from which you will get out reach! Do to save the plant in the soil Monsterra is very big there should be fine vs plain stakes! Weeks when you do not like harsh, direct sunlight, and arguably the best desperately for! At my monstera but am scared of killing it. clam in no time should! Ve learned so much cuttings just seem like they would be more sensitive to influxes temperatures! Need a leaf completely forms and roots my monstrera rather wide than tall will grow new roots are out... System going even though the plants too a different level of ease and.! Always want to use your picture under “ snip the stem? after that a sure sign this... For rooting purposes out L & P ’ s clear bright location and add a little about!

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