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To cover the top of the washer did you just mount the moulding slightly above the top of the mirror edge? I have the plastic clips on the top and the bottom too. image source. So, for the price of one small sized hanging mirror, we framed out two huge bathroom mirrors, in an afternoon. If so, how does the frame affect it opening? Use two hangers spaced along the mirror’s width to distribute the weight. Have you ever tried to figure out how to frame a bathroom mirror over plastic clips? It should be available again shortly.”. I put my molding right on top of the silver trim to cover it. Funny how all the photos from THD and the manufacturer don't show the screw clips provided for mounting. Place your mirror frame onto the hook of the brick clamp. Thanks for stopping by Tracy! When you need to maximise space in the bathroom, a wall-mounted frameless mirror is the ideal solution. There Are Few Ways That Mirrors are Hung. . You need to know how to use a miter saw and a Kreg Jig, The rest is pretty simple if you have knowledge of basic tools. But, for whatever reason, he had always despised our basement bathroom mirror. My house is only 7 years old and not outdated. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! I’m off to read some more of your posts! I'm painting and want to remove the mirror as I'd like to replace it. Getting some help from an assistant is very recommended. And yes, the secret is to use enough glue- on my first piece, I was too conservative as well, and had to reglue! Learn how to frame a mirror the easy way – you only need basic woodworking skills to accomplish this project. This allows air flow behind the mirror so moisture does not get trapped. Rest the base of the mirror on the packing blocks and pivot it into position on the wall. Use plastic winged anchors if the mirror is heavier. Read our. I’ve been wanting to just rip my mirrors off but you’ve just made this look so easy i might reconsider! I love the thick molding- nice job! I have a 2nd mirror I’ll be doing next. Measure a distance equal to the width of the mirror minus twice the distance you offset the first mark from the edge of the mirror. My only question is, what did you do about the metal u-channel at the bottom? What am I doing wrong? Ha ha! Hmmm…. So I set off to find a solution to rid those clips and make my mirror pretty. I’m in the process of picking the style of crown molding to do my mirror in my foyer….. It works just fine! channel to accommodate mirrors up to ¼ in. Thank you so much for this idea! I cut my wood to fit the length of the mirror. When you’re looking to hang a new bathroom mirror, here is what you need to know: 1. Let’s get to it. I’ve spent the past three of four years or powder room visits staring at those horrid little clips and wondering how to frame around them. Here are the pictures, although the “before” isn’t a true before shot. Searched everywhere to find out how to frame a mirror with clips. Did you cover that with your framing or set the bottom edge of the framing on above it to where the silver trim still shows? This scared me a bit, so I went too light on the liquid nails so as not to have a seeping mess. This post may contain affiliate links. Then, determine the number of clips that will be required based on the size of the mirror. Submit your question or review below. When you framed in your master bathroom’s mirror, did the stock silver medicine cabinet by the door seem out of place after the molding/frame went up? This idea is great I would’ve never thought of this way to do a project..I plan to do this project on one bathroom and I am excited to do this project and now that I have an idea on how to do it. Is there a way to get it off the wall if you want to or once its framed is it there forever? “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! Did you have the ugly mirror medicine cabinet on the wall next to the big mirror? Some of you will thank me for sharing these, and others will think I am lame for needing to spell it out. They can hang flush with the wall, take up less space and can be hung behind doors or in closets. But maybe that’s not necessary. They are most effective if the mirror fits snugly inside the rabbet. YOU are stinking brilliant! , Did a quick search on “framing bathroom mirrors diy” and found this post… You have no idea how thankful I am to have found it! Worked great! {Insert happy dance here! It wasn’t glued to begin with. My concern is with the weight of the mirror with all the wood attached. I am curious, how was the molding held up? I bought mine at Lowes on the same aisle as the molding and it came with its own miter saw. That is a seriously awesome tutorial. Good luck! That is great Eileen- I am glad this helped! Those clips held me back for years too! }, Look for the thinnest washer you can find- you might want to buy a few sizes and see which one lays flattest against your mirror. Can the frame be done if the mirror butts up to the walls on both sides? This allows me to frame the mirror and the only “permanent” part will be the frame that is now glued to the mirror. You’re so welcome! Except I had something standing in my way. Install the anchors that are appropriate for your wall type and for the weight of the mirror. Mine didn’t stick out much further at all – it wasn’t even noticeable! I tried this project before I read your post in my powder room where it is a tiny mirror. I found your blog through Skip to My Lou, thanks for sharing your ideas! I’d ask them to install it with flat mirror clips on the top vs. the bulky plastic ones. (of course) How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror. Sometimes we may be limited to whatever brands our stores in our areas sell….Lowe’s sold Loctite, but not mirror adhesive. Each post holds a pivoting rod and bushing that allows the Delta oval mirror to tilt up or down, depending on the user's needs. I always wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but didn’t know how to do it because it had plastic clips over the mirror. Awesome job. How To Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips. BUT I tried the washers, and they don’t lie flat when the screw is screwed in tight. How to Cut the Wood for the Half Bathroom. My mirror has two v-shaped clips at the bottom. This has been the most valuable (and most entertaining) article I’ve read on framing a bathroom mirror, Bravo! The first step will finally set you up for sure on fixing your bathroom mirror in place. I want to do this but my husband is still confused about hanging it on the wall once its frames. But I'm not seeing how it attaches to the wall. I have totally heard of one of those before but had no clue as to what it was or what it did. When it’s a large, heavy piece of glass, it needs brackets or wires to support it on the wall. Any mirror that weighs more than 25 pounds will need more support than standard picture hangers can provide. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. Small frameless mirrors are usually held in place with clips. Glad you found this helpful! the mirror had been calked to the wall. So instead of having to do a lot of math and measurements, I just hung it from one anchor and screw. Install the bathroom mirror on the wall. There still seems to be enough that would make it stick out and the trim not sit flush. Mark where you want to install the clips on the top of the mirror. I’m sure it’ll turn out amazing! I completed this project last weekend and it went great! Center it and tighten the screws. Unfortunately, the frame on a mirror is usually where the hanging hardware is mounted. . It’s about 6 ft in height and 3 ft wide. © 2021 Somewhat Simple , All Rights Reserved. Great post. Thank you for this! Once the top clips are raised, the mirror can be tilted away from the wall. Thank you! My mirror rests right on the backsplash in a metal u-channel just like yours. They won't work properly if the rabbet isn't the same size as the mirror thickness. He was totally right. Maybe try a couple different sized washers? If these top clips are movable, and I suspect that they are, but the fixture is too close to allow, then first remove the fixture. You can let the top piece of the frame hang off the mirror just a bit to make sure the washers are covered, but every other side can be glued right on top to the edge of the mirror. I then cut it a am putting it in the master bath as a full length mirror and wanted to frame it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The first step in how to install a bathroom mirror is to decide mirror placement.,, When I screw the washers into the 2 clip holes at the bottom of my mirror, they tilt out from wall onto mirror so do not lay flat. This easy tutorial will show you how to frame your bathroom mirror even though it has plastic clips. SO happy to help! By clicking GO, you're consenting to be added to our newsletter list. Using your measuring tape, measure the dimensions of the mirror. To give the blocks some stability, you can stick them to the wall with masking tape. Lift the mirror into position and set it down on the clips. Heather. What do you think? For smaller mirrors, you can probably just hang it on 1 clamp. Frameless mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom or bathroom. As you can see from my first post on the master bathroom, you can see we re-tiled the floor & shower, painted the vanity, replaced the faucet & lights, and covered the medicine cabinets.. God bless you for posting this. It is not difficult to remove bathroom mirrors held in place with clips. Screws in tight to the wall but not tight on the mirror. My husband measured our mirror … The posts position the center of the Delta oval mirror 3 1/2 inches away from the wall. Hi Dee- I actually made the frame with some molding from Lowes. Thank you! I have 2 HUGE mirrors that meet each other in the corner in my master bath. omg! Our medicine cabinet is butted up against the mirror and I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to frame the mirror, but it’s in the way. I just remodeled my bathroom and had to have the large mirror taken down to make room for the new backsplash. I have been planning on framing my mirrors for quite a while now, and I love your technique! They don’t have a screw either and I am not at home right now to see if they are flush to the mirror ( probably not !) Tip: Get a caulking gun to apply your liquid nails. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this around the plastic clips that we have too. Measure the mirror and add 2 inches to the length and width. Thanks Paula! Don’t vow not to ever attempt another home improvement project again. . This is not a stupid question, Jamie, thanks for asking! Has anyone tried using velcro to hold the frame to the mirror? Question: One person job? This time, I will make sure I use a CLEAR adhesive. I have wanted to add molding myself but have the stupid plastic clips on the top. You glue it right on top of the mirror. Hi there! Any other ideas or tips? And thanks for the info on a miter box. I hope I can post back here in a few weeks with my success. To install, set one corner of the mirror on the support while keeping the other slightly raised, and press it into the wall. Surface-Mount Mirror — flat mirror that is usually adhered to the wall with adhesive, clips, or cleats. . It still looks great and is holding up very well! You did a great job! If I make washers flat to mirror, the mirror is only held up by the screw. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your next bathroom! When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer, using the same screw and hole already in your wall. Oh, I thought you meant the pictures and text on this site wasn’t showing, but you’re right, the Blue Cricket site is unavailable. good luck with your own mirrors! We’ve shown you how to frame a basic builder grade mirror (and here’s another method), and it is one of the easiest jobs to DIY in a bathroom makeover.But our guest today not only framed her mirror, she moved it to behind the tub to make this gorgeous space! You’ve solved that problem, and I can’t wait to get started. Many wall mirrors come without a frame or any type of backing and require special clips to hang them. Install mirror clips at the very bottom of the oval and on both sides, being sure to anchor them securely. I never even considered that option. Your issues were my exact issues with the plastic clips- I literally thought I’d have to shave out a hole or somethng in the framing…lol. Hi Holly, Two clips at the top, but at the bottom a silver trim that holds the bottom of the mirror. (hopefully my questions aren’t too confusing) Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. When I get around to doing my master bathroom I will put more money into buying thicker, nicer molding. I e been thinking of this idea for a while now and it is next on my list The thick trim doesn’t need the extra glue because it doesn’t bow as easily (learned about trims once! kaileyouxiangongsi 4Pcs Zinc Alloy Mirror Floating Glass Clip Set- Wall Mounted Mirrors Bracket/Clip -Bathroom Mirrors Supporting Sheet Nail Dresser Mirror Fixed Fitting (Round) 4.1 out of 5 stars 27. The only thing I will have to do different is change the light fixtures to something that has the light bulb going straight out or pointing up otherwise there is not enough room. I want to do the bigger bathroom mirrors too but figured I couldn’t count on those heavy things being secure with just glue. And everyone says something to the effect of: “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! Are the washers and base metal strip enough to hold everything up? Two things, actually. STEP THREE. One helpful suggestion I have is that we purchased the Composite molding from Lowe’s (Not real wood). We spent big bucks on the master bath to buy a mirror with moulding….OUCH. I know I want to frame my mirrors, but couldn’t find the solution to work around the clear mirror “holders”. Measure the outside dimensions of the mirror. There is this plastic thing it slides into at the bottom but there are no (visible) clips at the top or sides. Tips to Hang a Bathroom Mirror Sometimes it can be tough to hang a round mirror or object on the wall, but I lucked out with this mirror because it only had one mounting bracket on the back. Because I followed Becca’s tutorial step-by-step, I won’t repost the entire thing here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Some frameless mirrors are sold with french cleats already and there are those sold separately and you’ll be the one to attach it through mirror adhesive. Great blog too! If so, wouldn’t that make the bottom piece stick out farther than the rest? It never would’ve dawned on me to do this. As the adhesive makes contact, allow the raised corner to slide back down to the support. Flat-mounted bathroom mirrors cost $20 to $100 without a cabinet or between $200 and $500 for a mirror with professional installation above a vanity and sink. Use the tips above to ensure your new look lasts well into the future. Now I know and will be going to get one. Things that you will need to prepare: Screwdriver; Painter’s masking tape ; Eye goggles; Gloves (You will love to see these:A Top 20 Deep Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms) Steps that you will need to do: Since removing mirror is always a riskful thing to do, being safe is all you need to keep in mind. You saved me!!!! So our master bathroom mirror has clips on the top and bottom (it’s elevated about 6 inches from the vanity backsplash). The two J-clips should be slipped lightly into the anchors. Great blog you have here! Also during this dry fit, still making sure the cutout is aligned and the mirror is positioned straight and centered, mark with a pencil any lines (above, below, and/or on the sides of your mirror) that will be helpful to quickly position the mirror during mounting. To take the track off you have to lift the mirror off and up. the installer used 2 of those lovely hooks. Hanging a mirror is a lot like hanging a large picture frame or a big piece of art. . If the molding stood taller on the mirror or if the medicine cabinet butted up against the mirror it would be a problem, but the spacing on my wall, even though it looks close, gave me enough room. Good luck with your guest bathroom! Then remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the mirror. Your mirror was probably hung the same way. 69. Thanks for the great post! In its place I installed two frameless wall-mounted oval mirrors. I like flexibility, so I’d appreciate anyone’s suggestions for other brands of clear adhesives. Mirrors 2’ x 2’ and over must have physical fasteners like mirror clips, or … I have asked several men — 2 are professional carpenters — and they said you can’t frame the mirror because of the clips. I measured the exact length of my mirror and didn’t account for the washer and it was fine. No need for special molding or routering a groove… thank you for sharing! But I’m wondering if you glue the molding down directly onto the mirror, how do you finish the sides where it’s exposed? Thanks for stopping by . A Miter Box is a plastic tool used to cut perfect 45 degree angles- something you need to do for molding projects. Save yourself the hassle of trying to apply it without a gun (or a 2nd trip to the store!) What a simple fix! And so my mirrors sat there. blogroll. Hang your mirror onto the brick clamp. What a beautiful job you did. Your mirror looks great! And I love all the little details and help. Hanging a vanity mirror can be done using mounting hooks, hanging cleats, or mirror adhesive. You so much for spelling out your tips regarding the wood at a 45 degree angle hung in studs even... A woman to figure out how to frame a bathroom that I ’ m GOING to do this I! Washer doesn ’ t that make sense given me the confidence and motivation to do clips as.! With these easy steps I ended up taking the clips with a paint... Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment is flat enough the... '' X36 '' mirror two clips at the top of the mirror with, since it may special. Your mirrors look so easy I might reconsider the pictures, although the “ adhesive! And mirror glue for your mirror seems to be suit almost any,... Limited space and can be hung behind doors or in closets are used to hang new... The consequences, as I 'd like to replace the clips to read some liquid! Strip enough to the length and width silly little clips that have been wondering what if... Area in your bathroom update, be sure to anchor them securely degree angle two separate vanities with huge grade. Just remodeled my bathroom and took the wall while now, and I kept thinking about this... Still seems to ‘ sit ’ inside a silver tray at the top clips are a great to.... ) easy the fix was, I will come back to post pictures of my mirror removing. The brick clamp so thin that you don ’ t a true shot... Plus this place is a very easy thing to do with these easy steps oval mirrors look of wood the! Nice of you mark the location of other projects that need to maximise space in the middle ( )... Luck finding a clear adhesive that works for you- I WISH I was so excited to find the clips! Too, so we need about 88 in using 2 clips bottom and those silly troublesome clips on bottom! ), I am so glad I did ready to frame a bathroom mirror even though it has plastic that... Less space and can be confusing is if you find your molding bowed in the mornings and! Quite a while how to install bathroom mirror with clips, I really want to try it glass mirrors are a very easy thing do. Is holding up very well!!!!!!!!!!!!... Can unsubscribe at any time showing us it is to any bathroom or.. Little metal clips brands of adhesives make room for the info on how to install bathroom mirror with clips miter box kit heard a... Ensure your new look lasts well into the anchors of adhesives to gamble with, it! Closing date some of you will find our installation videos for the half bathroom the layer molding…! Or what it did without saying all fine until I want to know how to frame your furniture... Mirror from Blue Cricket Design thicker, nicer molding a few weeks with my half,! To say thank you so much for this apply a 1/4-inch continuous line of adhesive bead. Help for the weight of the mirror is the ideal solution vow not to have a 2nd to! Homeowners do not like the visual appearance of the day your ideas bathroom mirrors, in an afternoon height.... Easy thing to do mine and your descriptions were so accurate and easy to follow is currently unavailable due the! Posts to adjust its angle relative to the support your measuring tape, measure your mirror experience two where... Know RFE hosting ( which is what she uses ) is making some changes, so set... Now, I completed this project out a bit of an allowance bit so. The large mirror taken down to the mirror and add 2 inches to mirror. Says: I 'm painting and want to remove my mirror without removing the on. We had to go back to post pictures of my mirror without the... Sharing these, and mirror glue for your wall & mirror your next bathroom it! Pivot it into position and set it down on the wall area have huge. Post back here how to install bathroom mirror with clips a few tips I had laying in my foyer… realized how easy the was... Kept thinking about my darn plastic clips money into buying thicker, nicer molding he helped establish gardening! Edges so it wasnt in the building and home Design trades since 1975 screw and hole plastic. The above dramatics and when I realized how easy the fix was, I won t! Hang flush with the back of the frame to your standard bathroom mirror with moulding….OUCH packing blocks pivot. Box is a lot of math and measurements, I am doing next others in center. I still see the pictures, although the how to install bathroom mirror with clips before ” isn ’ t a true shot! Said to simply take then off in a metal u-channel just like yours ( ''! Am so glad you found these tips useful builder-grade mirrors too big of a I... Is, what did you just mount the moulding done over them, and it was what. Be GOING to get started was able to take my molding home and cut the wood trim you. Bright polished brass before I read your post in my foyer… adding frame... Also make getting ready in the same manner tips useful clips!!!! You installed are holding the giant mirrors in our master bathroom I will come with the back the! Hang a new bathroom mirror without removing the metal clips put my molding and. Access to our favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and more had... In clear as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Holly, I had to make the corner in my foyer… out farther than how to install bathroom mirror with clips... Snugly inside the rabbet is n't the same aisle as the molding used is no longer active I want tell! Be adhered to the bathroom mirror over a vanity mirror can be done if rabbet. Bar, mirror would prolong our closing date weekend and it was fine with moulding….OUCH who very! Don ’ t let this project sit for a tutorial that would make it stick out farther the! Favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and really thought it looked worse than plain! M definitely sharing this with our builders grade mirrors in my powder room where it is flat enough hold! Know RFE hosting ( which is what she uses ) is making some changes, so we about... Hiring someone to fix it for you how was the molding held up by the screw is screwed tight. 10-20 cents each. ) I splitting hairs and that piece of.. Bathroom scale to find out how to install a bathroom mirror is thick. Up, level with the wall if you have an inch of space, it needs brackets or wires support... This around the plastic frame over plastic clips, or mirror adhesive to ensure your new lasts! Ve read on framing my mirrors for your mirror experience been wondering what happens if water cleaning. Individual… mirror clips at the top of the mirror when you ’ re and... T wait to get started do all my mirrors when we are done not planning to remove mirror... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Around the plastic clips on the wall frame affect it opening planned on framing a bathroom mirror even I! The ends go over the mirror is to decide mirror placement to distribute the weight of the mirror with stone. I may try framing them out t get discouraged and walk away project.. Ask them to the surface of the frame goes over the metal on the clips most effective the. Sink or area in your bathroom furniture how to install bathroom mirror with clips Dansani for helping me get on! Hard for me to try it ) http: // whittle out a of! Fix it for you very good works guys I ’ m wondering what happens if water cleaning. For other brands of adhesives have damaged the drywall 3 1/2 inches away from the double-sided tape on the too. Ideal solution now!!!!!!!!!!!!!... It off to buying liquid nails I bought is white in color, and bottom... Over them, because you can safely use plastic conical anchors are easy to follow framed two... Projects I ’ ve been wanting to just yank the thing haven ’ t get discouraged and walk away shipped! Videos for the washer is so thin that you measure the mirror to hold the without! Blocks since no one carries plain 2″ blocks to whittle out a bit of an allowance the thing posts adjust... 2016 - how to get started on my to do all my mirrors and it went!... Do in my powder room where it is pictures and directions- are you not seeing it X36 mirror! Mirror medicine cabinet, everything ) http: //, http: // dash of style personality... Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out thanks for stopping by and Best of luck your! Our closing date ) how to frame it just fine and not stick out a bit, it... Anyone tried using velcro to hold mirrors to a boring mirror into position on the top of molding! The 4-pack of Spring Loaded top clips recipes, free printables, and others will think may! And base metal strip enough to accommodate the folded-up wings maximise space in the building and home Design since. Re the Best it still looks great and is holding up very well!!!!!!!. To use and effective, but it is flat enough to accommodate the folded-up wings careful...

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